Wednesday Vignette

Kind of looks like a bird of paradise flower, doesn’t it?


But it’s the petals of a striped orange gazania flower, folded inward. I took this shot about a week ago.

Gazania, native to South Africa, comes in lots of colours, including strikingly multicoloured combinations. It’s also apparently called treasure flower, though I’ve never heard anyone call it that.  A “half-hardy” annual here, blooming from late May into mid-November, beyond a light frost, it’s very valuable to me. And no-care: Water, no water, good soil or not, whatevs; just give them 4 or 5 hours of light each day, please.

Hard to beat the artsy look above, but here are some of its other poses, from June to November in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017:

In Junes:


In Julys:


(Above: I mean, that is a crazy and varied colour palette, is it not?)



In Augusts:


(Below: I love the “stitching” around the center!)

redgazaniayellowstitchingbrowncenter23Aug2017darkorangeGazania23Aug2015 NewDayClearOrangegazaniablooms9Aug2016

In Septembers:


(Below: with earwig)


In Octobers:


(Above: one of my favourite looks)


(Below, in rain)


In Novembers:


(Below: after light frost)


Orange is the single-hearted color.  — Sandra McPherson, in her poem “Poppies”

Wednesday Vignette is brought to us by Flutter & Hum.

2 Comments on “Wednesday Vignette

  1. Whoa – that is a fabulous shot! It does indeed look like Bird of Paradise… I like Gazanias too – they look like little multi-colored suns. Don’t usually have the sun they crave, though.

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