Garden Blogger’s Bloomday — March 2017

Well, no blooms here yet. In fact, yesterday, just when we were seeing snow melt and some bare ground, another 14-18″ of snow fell (measurements varied around the yard). But the day before this nor’easter, I spotted some daffodils poking their heads tentatively above the ground. I can’t imagine what they are thinking now.


The only other flower action in the garden now is the budding of the Pieris japonica (Andromeda) shrubs, which, in bud and leaf, is quite stunning against the snow.


Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day is hosted by May Dreams Gardens.

See some real blooms at danger garden in Portland OR; A Guide to Northeastern Gardening in Long Island NY (hellebore!); The Nature of Things – zone 9a; rusty duck in SW England (more hellebore, plus muscari, camellias, pieris in bloom, more) …


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